Fire Safety

The staff of the Bureau of Fire safety is made up of a Part time Fire Marshal, 5 part-time Fire Inspectors, and a full time Administrative Assistant. Our primary responsibilites include but are not limited to: commerical building inspections, fire investigations, and fire prevention activities. We also conduct home fire inspections for the residents of our fire district. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to any member of our staff, you can call 732-651-8806.

Kids Only

Welcome to our kids only page.  You will find links to interactive games and fun stuff with Fire Prevention.  There is also some links to download Fire Safety coloring pages ( so get your crayons ready )

Smokeybear.com   A interactive site where you can fight a forest fire, do some water rescue, or download a picture ot two  for you to color

Captain Kidde A interactive site that has games, and puzzles for kids, Fire Safety tips for the gown ups, and even some Fire Safety lesson plans for you school teachers.

United States Fire Administration Kids page, featuring short lessons on fire safety, smoke alarms, and couple of interactive games.  Take a short quiz at the end, and become a real JUNIOR FIRE MARSHAL.

Captain Kidde to the Rescue A interactive site teaching Fire Safety.  Lots of sounds, so turn up your speakers before you go here.

United States Forest Service Smokey the bear coloring books for you to download and show your artist ability

Childrens Fire Prevention Handbook A short interactive computer book on Fire Prevention, the Fire Department, and other items surrounding Fire Prevention.

Sparky the Fire Dog

745 Inspectors Vehicle
Ford Crown Victoria