Structure Fire on Winton Road


Thursday, September 26, 2013 5:57pm On Thursday, September 26th EBFD#1 was dispatched to 8 Winton Road for a reported basement fire. Asst. Chief Sommer (750) arrived on scene and confirmed a working fire and immediately requested a Township General Alarm. First-due Engine 707 arrived and quickly placed into service an 1-3/4” handline to get a knock on the fire in the basement. Second-due Engine 702's crew stretched a 2nd 1-3/4” handline off of 707 and went to work on the 1st floor of the structure, knocking down fire that had extended up from the basement. After the initial knock down firefighters from EBFD#1, East Brunswick Independent Fire Company (EB District # 2) and Brookview Volunteer Fire Company (EB District # 3) spent a significant amount of time overhauling and venting the structure, chasing and extinguishing pockets of fire that had extended throughout the house. Additional units on scene included Rescue 704, Engine 706, Ladder 709, Utility 711, Safety Officer 780, Chief 800, Chief 850, Ladder 801, Engine 805, Engine 806, Chief 900 and Engine 901. A big thank you to all of our neighboring departments that provided station coverage while all three township companies operated on scene.