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Signed on May 17, 2016 at 5:04 PM
Name : Ed Hass
Rank / Title : Fire Apparatus Historian
Website :
Location : Sacramento, CA
Comments : I am happy to see that you are preserving your 1948 Ahrens-Fox pumper. I well remember it many parades when I lived in NJ.This style of Ahrens-Fox was designed by Ahrens-Fox Chief Engineer Curt Nepper, who I first met in 1963 and who remained a good friend right up until he passed away in 1995. Because Curt Nepper designed these engines like the one that Old Bridge owns, they have become popularly known as "Nepper Foxes." 86 Nepper Foxes were built; of those, about 50 survive, and of the 50, maybe a dozen are still in decent condition.I also own an Ahrens-Fox pumper that was designed by Curt Nepper, built in 1953. You can find a photo of mine (as owned and restored by me) at http://www.kimballstock.com/results.asp?db=c&image=AUT+16+RK0107+03I am first and foremost a fire apparatus historian. I am published author of 36 books and well over 100 magazine articles about the history of fire apparatus and of commercial trucks.I will be a guest speaker at the national convention of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus of America (SPAAMFAA) to be held at Middletown, NY, August 10 through 13. My topic will be the history of these so-called Nepper Foxes.Attendees will get to see no fewer than 6 of these Nepper Foxes, in various conditions from restored to near junk. Being in California, my 1953 will not be able to attend (prohibitively expensive to haul it the more than 6000 miles round-trip). Is there any way that Old Bridge can drive or haul its 1948 Ahrens-Fox the roughly 190 mile round-trip up to Middletown, NY and back for this event? If not, I hope that at least some of the Fire Company members can attend. Please email me at ehass@yahoo.com, and I will email you more information about this event. You may also call me at 916-598-6048.
Signed on October 05, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Name : Nancy List
Rank / Title :
Website : http://www.
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Comments : Travelled NJ turnpike oct 4th and saw most overpasses with fire trucks/firemen flying American flags. Made my trip to DE very memorable. Thank you all FDs, turnpike authority etc Looked all over to find reason but can't find the answer. Was it a special occasion , besides patriotism? In any case, I loved it and thsnkyou again for making my long car ride memorable